Our Products

We manufacture & supply a comprehensive range of adhesives, some of which are listed below:

Hot Melt Adhesives:

We have an extensive range of Hot Melt Adhesives. Supplying product for applications such as:
Packaging, printing, graphics, woodworking, foam lamination, product assembly and construction.

We supply products formulated using the most up to date materials for the production of hot melt giving us a range of products formulated using EVA (ether vinyl acetate), Metallocene/Polyolefin and PUR (Polyurethane reactive hot melt).

Our products are proven in their respective marketplaces and are competitively priced.

Hotmelt Glue/ Hot Melt Adhesives

Water Based Adhesives:

Our water based range of products include PVA, VAE, Ter Polymer, Acrylic, Starch, Dextrin, PVoh etc, all of which have been, and can be, developed for use by end user requirements.

Our products are being used for:
Packaging, paper converting, printing, graphics, woodworking, product assembly, roofing, construction and the retail trade.

Water Based Adhesives

Solvent Based Adhesives:

A range of products designed for application in a variety of environments incorporating flammable and non-flamable materials.

Our products can be found in use in the following application fields:
Laminating, roofing, leather goods, product assembly and woodworking.

We have products suitable for application by a number of methods including, brush, spray, roller and aerosol.